September 26, 2011

Dog Friendly Places

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We love to take our doodles with us whenever we can. It gives them the opportunity to learn to become great citizens, undaunted in any situation they encounter. As they’re exposed to new places and people all the time, they learn how to cope in new situations.  They become confident, taking whatever life throws at them in stride.

Here are some great ideas to get out and about with your Australian labradoodle:

1.  Panera Bread and Starbucks are both dog friendly places to visit with your doodle! (in their outside eating area)  It’s a great opportunity, especially for younger dogs, to be exposed to all kinds of new people. We took our 5 month Australian labradoodle, Duchess, there recently.  She was the official greeter last Saturday morning as people streamed in to get their morning coffee, pastry or bread. Almost all of the people walking by stopped to say hello and pet Duchess, who was ever so happy to oblige. We’ve found this to be the best place to take your Australian labradoodle if you’re looking to expose your puppy to new people.

2.  You can always visit a pet store with your labradoodle once they’re fully vaccinated.  It’s a great atmosphere for different smells, floor surfaces and textures, and exposure to those unusual automatic opening doors. :)   You’ll also be able to introduce them to different pets (birds, cats, ferrets, fish, etc.) and let them see dogs of all shapes and sizes.

3.  Farm and Tractor Supply stores also allow pets and we’ve found them to be very friendly to our four legged friends.

4. Another great outing is taking your labradoodle with you when you run to the bank.  They can’t go in, but almost all have bones at the drive-thru.  It’s a great way for your labradoodle to get used to short car rides, and see that it’s ok for people to talk to you when you’re in the car.  Heading out for a bone makes car rides fun!

Those are just a few ideas of places for you and your Australian labradoodle to visit together.  You’ll have to let us know how it goes, or if you have any places or ideas of your own, please share! We’d love to hear about you and your labradoodle’s favorite places!




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