January 21, 2013

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January 15, 2013

Duchess’ Puppies Born!

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We are very excited to announce Duchess’ litter, born January 14th.  This litter is especially special because it is the very first one out of a breeding dog that was also born here!  Duchess and her puppies are all doing fantastic, and we are very proud of what a great mom Duchess turned out to be.  4 girls and 2 boys, all with beautiful chocolate fleece coats.  Here are a few pictures of them just a couple days old.


Here they are napping in their mom’s super soft fleece coat. Very comfortable looking!

In just a couple days we’ll be starting the super puppy program with them, but for now their job is just to sleep, eat, and grow. :)

April 30, 2012

Water Playtime

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This is what we did with the puppies today!  They took turns 2 by 2 having some playtime in the water.  This helps them to realize water is fun, and makes grooming/bath time when they’re older much easier if they’re not stressed about it.  Also, many of our doodles LOVE swimming, and we think it is because of this early exposure to water that teaches them it’s normal, and fun!





April 28, 2012

Starting Field Trips this Week!

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April 27, 2012

First Bath!

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April 11, 2012

Puppy Training

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Today the puppies are 20 days old and we started the Precocious Puppy Program! They were lured into sits, turns, and up. Some took to it rather quickly and others were asking why we woke them up from their afternoon nap. These exercises are done twice daily to develop their problem-solving abilities, mental agility and mental coordination.













April 5, 2012

Afternoon Nap

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Little Visitors

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The puppies had two little visitors yesterday. My nieces have been dying to come over and see the puppies, they always love it when we have a litter here! They are great kids for the puppies to meet because they are so gentle, and talk softly to them. A great experience for the puppies to learn kids are fun.

Later today we’ll be having Lindsey come over for their 2 week photo shoot! They will also be meeting 3 more new people this afternoon. :)



April 3, 2012


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A few of the puppies eyes opened today!! Currently they’re still mostly just eating and sleeping, but they are getting more mobile and soon they will be very aware of their environment! By 20 days old all of their eyes will be opened and their ears will fully hear!

Cuddling Together at Bedtime

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