September 10, 2013

We Love What We Do

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Things are busy here at Lewis Manor Labradoodles, and also very exciting as we have a 1 week old litter in our livingroom, and another on the way this Friday (or whenever Saffron sees fit to welcome her new little puppies into this world :) )!  So, as the air turns crisp this fall in beautiful upstate NY, we have a house full of puppies and are reminded why we love what we do.

We take special care of our momma dogs and closely monitor how they’re feeling and doing; taking their temps, cooking special meals for their ever growing nutritional needs, making sure they have an endless supply of clean fresh water which is changed several times a day, making them feel comfortable (not too hot or too cold), and taking the time to give them a nice rub down massage so they know they’re loved and we’re here for them during this new and demanding short season in their lives.  They love the attention they get, and the first row seat to anything cooking in the kitchen!  We enjoy pampering them, and the opportunity to spend some nice one on one time with them.

In a couple weeks the moms will start slowly spending less and less time with their puppies, preparing them to go out on their own.  During this time, our job with the puppies really starts to increase as we fill in, and start preparing and equipping the puppies to go on to be excellent service, therapy and family dogs.  It is such a joy to teach them about the world, and each of their important jobs in it.  We’ve spent time on these puppies, before they were even born, researching and breeding just the right pedigrees that would produce these intelligent, highly trainable, friendly temperamented, loyal companions.  Then health testing the dogs in these pedigrees to ensure these great puppies that will be produced are also genetically sound, to live long, healthy lives.  Then we spend countless hours with them during the 8 weeks they’re here with us.  We care a lot about our dogs, we enjoy working with the families that get them, and we’re passionate about what we do because we. love. it.

January 26, 2012

How We Raise Exceptionally Smart Puppies

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Raising a puppy to have the best possible start in life is like baking a cake… you need all the right ingredients. We have a phenomenal puppy raising program here at Lewis Manor, and are always reading and researching to stay on the cutting edge of new developments and findings in puppy raising.  

~We promote early learning, providing a rich environment that stimulates our puppies’ senses, and brain development. As puppies’ brains are developing, they have the opportunity to grow to the capacity in which they’re used. A brain not stimulated or used will not need to be developed much. As a puppy learns something new, or is presented with a new challenge that their brain has to figure out, it causes neurons in their brain to connect together, making neural connections and networks. These connections grow increasingly complex with each new learning experience, which creates a brain dense in interconnections among neurons, resulting in faster learning. A brain dense in neural networks, increases the brain’s mass significantly, creating overall higher efficiency in brain function.

~Puppies can begin learning and retaining things at 21 days of age. We take full advantage of this with our “Precocious Puppy Program” where we introduce new learning opportunities every day. This program goes above and beyond our normal socialization program which is also top notch. The precocious puppy program will be teaching the puppies basics such as “sit”, “down”, “shake” etc. We are in the process of writing a curriculum for this program to use for our Lewis Manor Labradoodle puppies and you will see the “Precocious Puppy” logo next to any puppies available that have gone through this program.   

~We feed their growing brains. DHA is essential for proper neurological development. It helps the neurons interconnect better, giving the brain the ability to function at a higher level. DHA stands for Docosahexaenoic acid, which is found in fish oils. We supplement with Salmon Oil, as it has the highest content of DHA of any other fish source. An experiment was done of two litters, the same breed, and both out of the same genetic line, and the exact same environment. One litter, the mother and puppies were given DHA, and the other given none. The puppies from the first litter, supplemented with DHA, had a significant statistical difference of learning faster, and retaining what they learned much better than the puppies not supplemented with DHA.  This increased trainability allows our puppies to not only learn faster, but adjust quicker in new social situations. DHA is especially important for puppies as their brains are growing and developing, and pregnant dogs can pass DHA on to their puppies before they’re even born. So, we supplement all of our pregnant mothers with Salmon oil, giving our puppies the earliest head start on brain development. Then as our puppies start to eat their own food, we add Salmon oil to their daily diets.

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